About Us

With its initial focus on Grand National Cross Country and Motocross racing, Exposed Clothing was founded in 2003 by current CEO and sole owner, Chuck DeBault. Soon, Exposed had developed a loyal following in racing circles. With so many competitors wearing Exposed Clothing, it wasn’t long before sports enthusiasts around the world considered Exposed a part of an active lifestyle.

Today, Exposed continues to support the enjoyment of sports at all levels, from unranked amateur to accomplished professional, and by all age groups, from childhood onward. Skin’s extended family includes Extreme Sports Athletes, other Pro Athletes, Musicians, Actors, Businesswomen, Businessmen, Kids, Students, Party Animals adult-film stars and dancers around the world! 

With your support, Exposed has become more than just apparel. It’s a lifestyle.

So, stay tuned. Exposed is about to explode the industry over and over again………….